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Down’s Estate Community Project on BCR

January 16, 2021 by radiocarrum | Comments Off on Down’s Estate Community Project on BCR

Beaches, Creeks & Rivers latest episode features Jan & Linda speaking with Robyn from the Down’s Estate Community Project about their amazing local farm. A farm that is exploring sustainable agriculture and community skill building. Enjoy!

‘Beaches, Creeks & Rivers’ Launches!!

September 29, 2020 by radiocarrum | Comments Off on ‘Beaches, Creeks & Rivers’ Launches!!

Beaches, Creeks & Rivers‘ launches on Radio Carrum!  BCR is a show about the natural environment, featuring conversations with members of local community groups that have an interest in maintaining the quality of our local environment & waterways. BCR will also be promoting opportunities for volunteering and interviewing volunteers to find out how people can get involved in supporting environmental activities. In Episode 1, Jan & Linda speak with the coordinator of Carrum Beach Patrol & Friends of Carrum Foreshore, about the ways these organisations work to improve our local beaches. They also chat with Josie about her experience as a Beach Patrol volunteer.