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New Show – Non Operative (recovering from an ACL injury without surgery)

New Show!! Join Tim Clement on a mission to discover if there is a better way to recover from an Anterior Cruciate Ligament rupture. Tim will explore how emerging research is providing hope that we can get back to the activities we love quicker without going under the knife. Tim will be speaking with a range of medical professionals using ground-breaking research to challenge our dependency on surgery, plus a raft of athletes who have already followed this alternative pathway, the non operative.

In the first episode of the series, Tim speaks to the man who helped him halve his recovery time. Rick Whitehead is a Physiotherapist at the Sports Injury Clinic in Frankston, Melbourne. He tells us about his experience working with ACL injuries, how the emerging research around non-operative success rates and ACL healing are impacting his practice and how he applied it to Tim’s comeback journey.

🎧 Episode 1 is streaming via this link: Non Operative

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