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Digitech Show launches!

The Digitech Show, a podcast about education, technology, innovation & design, has launched on Radio Carrum. Hosted by Marcus Mulcahy and Narelle Derix from Carrum Primary School, on behalf of the Northern Peninsula Digital Technology Teachers Network. In the first episode, Marcus and Narelle chat with Helene Bearup from Patterson Lakes PS about the amazing robotics work she has explored for over 15 years. We also get some insight into the new AR work Helene is developing with her students. We speak with Melinda Cashen, President of Digital Learning & Teaching Victoria about the exciting features of this year’s Digicon Conference (27 & 28 July). The students at Carrum PS also share some of the Digitech projects they are developing at school.

Author: radiocarrum

Radio Carrum is a Community Internet Radio station broadcasting from deep in the heart of the Karrum Karrum Swampland.

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