Radio Carrum at Principals Conference!

Students from Carrum Primary School interviewed a variety of Principals, Students & Workshop Presenters at the 2019 Principals Conference (Northern, Central & Southern Peninsula). Click on the following link to listen to their Radio Carrum broadcast:

7 Years On Air!!!

Radio Carrum commenced transmission at 2.30pm on Friday, 11 May 2012, with a broadcast from Carrum Primary School. Since then, over eighty shows by Carrum Community Groups and the students/teachers at Carrum Primary School, have shared their findings, passions and obsessions with Radio Carrum’s local & international audience. Over the coming weeks to celebrate 7 years on air we’ll be sharing a selection of our favourites live on Radio Carrum. Tune in at –


Radio Stars 2018!

Radio Stars is a special audio production by the Grade 5/6 students at Carrum Primary School. The students scripted and produced nineteen shows for the 2018 Season. You can find their podcast series on Radio Carrum via the following link – Radio Stars

Live Broadcast from the Big Green Festival!

Radio Carrum’s ‘Vantastic’ will be broadcasting LIVE from the Big Green Festival at Carrum Primary School on Saturday 1 December 2018 from 12pm-4pm. Big Green Festival is a community sharing event featuring Hootenanny Foot Stomping Music, Green Think Action & Activists, Enviro Artwork, Amazing Food Delights from Carrum’s International Kitchen Specialists, Farm & Garden Tours, Kids Action, Local Community Groups, the World Famous ‘Cake & Bake’, and lots more!

Churchill Fellowship Interviews

Radio Carrum’s Station Manager, Marcus Mulcahy, and recipient of a 2017 Churchill Fellowship, travelled to the USA in May/June 2018 to research innovative digital technology and makerspaces in schools and communities.  While he was in the USA, Marcus interviewed a variety of education and community professionals for a podcast series called the ‘Churchill Fellowship Interviews’. You can find these recordings on Radio Carrum via the following link –
Churchill Fellowship Interview Series

Podcast History of Carrum

Hi folks, we need your help. In Term 3, the Grade 5/6 students at Carrum Primary School are researching the history of Carrum. As part of their work they will be producing a series of podcasts capturing stories and events that take listeners on a journey meandering through Carrum’s recent history, uncovering previously unheard stories, histories and personalities.

We would love to hear your story!!

We are seeking involvement from locals who can give listeners an insight into what it was like at Carrum Primary School in the past, the time before Patterson Lakes was built, the early years of our great local clubs – Football, Cricket, SLSC, Bowling, Sailing, etc., stories about our unique Carrum Cowboys. We are after any story about Carrum’s history, tall tales and true.

If you would like to be involved with this project, please contact Marcus Mulcahy at or call the Carrum PS Office on 97721117. Thank you for your support!! (The photo features some Carrum Cowboys)