‘Beaches, Creeks & Rivers’ Launches!!

Beaches, Creeks & Rivers‘ launches on Radio Carrum!  BCR is a show about the natural environment, featuring conversations with members of local community groups that have an interest in maintaining the quality of our local environment & waterways. BCR will also be promoting opportunities for volunteering and interviewing volunteers to find out how people can get involved in supporting environmental activities. In Episode 1, Jan & Linda speak with the coordinator of Carrum Beach Patrol & Friends of Carrum Foreshore, about the ways these organisations work to improve our local beaches. They also chat with Josie about her experience as a Beach Patrol volunteer.

Laetisha Scanlan – Australian Olympic Athlete

Broadcasting from our Remote Learning Studio, Grade 5/6 students at Carrum PS interviewed Australian Olympic Athlete, Laetisha Scanlan. The questions were far-ranging and included: Favourite breakfast meal & rituals on competition day? How did your parents support you when you were younger? Would you like to coach? How did you feel when you received the phone call to let you know you made the Olympic team?

Marine Ambassadors Podcast!

Every winter, tens of thousands of Giant Spider Crabs wander up from the depths of Port Phillip Bay into the shallows of Blairgowrie and Rye to shed their shell. The Marine Ambassadors at Carrum PS showcase this famous migration and explore the challenges they face (from humans & other sea creatures). Features an interview with Dolphin Research Institute Education Director & Spider Crab Alliance founder, Mandy Robertson. Please click on the link below to listen to their podcast.

Remote Studio Interviews

Broadcasting from our Remote Learning Studio, the Grade 5/6 students at Carrum Primary School interviewed Sonya Kilkenny MP and Georgina Oxley, Mayor of the City of Kingston. The questions were far-ranging and included: What has been your biggest challenge? What was the worst experience you have had while doing this job? What is the biggest change you have made for the community? Please click on the link below to listen.