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Latest Episode – Rohan Parrant Method

November 11, 2022 by radiocarrum | 0 comments

Rohan’s special guest is Jai Simpar, founder of the Cold Water Club. A club that meets every Sunday morning at the Olivers Hill Boat Ramp Jetty in Frankston to immerse in the cold cold water of Port Phillip Bay. In this episode Rohan & Jai discuss self care, mental health, the power that comes through being vulnerable and connection through community. Click on the following link to hear Episode 4: Rohan Parrant Method

Latest Episode – Connections

November 10, 2022 by radiocarrum | 0 comments

Connections celebrates ‘local people & local stories’. The second episode features an interview with local author, Laura Jean Gannan, who shares her 2022 book release ‘Levi Leaf Rider‘. A tale about a unique robin red breast who chooses to travel via leaf instead of air – as he is a mindful fellow, he likes to take it all in. To celebrate the launch of the book, Laura is doing a reading at Creek and Bay in Seaford on Sunday 20 November at 10am and 11am. Click on this link to hear Episode 2: Connections

Latest Episode – Men With Spirit

November 4, 2022 by radiocarrum | 0 comments

Join Peter & Steve and their special guest, Liz Blake from Lateral Insights. Liz’s world first political education programs are designed to help you understand how our Victorian preferential system works, how to choose and vote for a candidate that aligns with your values to create real change in government. Click on the following link to hear Episode 33: Men With Spirit