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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. The Ridgways says:

    We listened intently to the first show of Goal and we were very impressed with everyone’s knowlegde, we certainly learnt alot so thanks Panel!!
    Go Victory
    Cheers the Ridgy’s

  2. Rob.U says:

    Good show boys. G.S I’m on the pure blondes tonight listening in. It sounds like you’ve got Leigh Mathews on the show tonight..

  3. Garnier Océane says:

    Coucou de la France !
    C’est Josie et la famille à Océane !
    Tout vas bien, elle mange beaucoup de fromage ! et de chocolat !! 🙂

    Hi from France !
    It’s Josie and Océane’s family !
    All it’s ok, she eats a lot of cheese ! and chocolate !! 🙂

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