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Cultural Exchange with Schubart Gymnasium Aalen

January 27, 2017 by radiocarrum | Comments Off on Cultural Exchange with Schubart Gymnasium Aalen

The German Language Program at Carrum Primary School features an ongoing exchange of letters, films and ideas with students at Schubart Gymnasium Aalen, a school located in southern Germany. As part of this cultural exchange, the students in Grade 5/6 have produced a series of Radio Carrum broadcasts for their friends in Aalen showcasing their interests and passions. Enjoy!

March 5, 2013
by radiocarrum

Paul Kennedy On Radio Carrum!

Deutsche Radio’s first 2013 broadcast on Radio Carrum features an interview with Paul Kennedy – Television Journalist & National Sports Presenter on ABC News Breakfast.

This amazing interview is broadcasting on Radio Carrum tonight (5/3) at 7pm. It’s also available as a download –

Paul Kennedy with Radio Carrum’s ‘Deutsche Radio’ team