Radio Carrum commenced transmission at 2.30pm on Friday, 11 May 2012, with a broadcast of CKR from our Walkers Road Studio at Carrum Primary School. Since then, over sixty shows have shared their findings, passions and obsessions with Radio Carrum’s local and international audience. Below is a collection of current and past shows, plus their podcasts. Enjoy!

AFL Blitz
AFL Gurus
Arty Farty
Atticus Health With Dr.Floyd
Beach Lane Presents
Beaches, Creeks, Parks & Rivers
Big Green Planet
Bonbeach Sharks
Book Club
Book Worm
Carrum Bowling Club
Carrum Community
Carrum Cowboys
Carrum Cricket Club
Carrum Patterson Lakes Footy Show
Carrum Patterson Lakes Netball Club
Carrum Lion In The UK
Carrum News
Carrum Sailing Club
Carrum Surf Life Saving Club
Celeb Feed
Chelsea Heights FC Show
Clash On
Deutsche Radio
Digitech Show
Footy Frenzy 
Friday Night Frothies
Girl Online
Gossip Gurus
Grass Roots Footy Show
Harvest Festival 2015
Hawthorn Obsession
It’s Lunchtime
It’s Written Here
Just Add Dirt
Kids’ History Conference
Kooky Animals
La Trobe Cottage
Maker Club
Mandala Market
Maths Show
Michael’s Talking Community
Movie Lab
Music Masters
Nerd Herd
One On One
Parma Drama
Radio Stars
Readey’s Soccer Show
Saturday Show
Science Show
Seaford ‘Rettes Footy Show
Sin Bin
Soccer Superstitions
Sporting HQ
State Election 2014
Storm Obsession
Super Hero Nerds
Super Hero Squad
Surfing Safari
Surfing Show
Talking Teen
The Best Of
The Film Reviewer
The Other Guys
Travel Guru
Trendy Trio
What The Fish
What’s Your Thing
World Bucket
World Of Cricket 

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